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A Celebration of Dance Excellence

We love all things dance and Raise the Barre Dance Festival was created to provide all dancers with the opportunity to perform in all styles of dance, for not only friends and family, but for professional industry adjudicators who provide valuable critiques for you to keep raising the bar every time you step out onto the stage.

Raise the Barre Dance Festival celebrates every dancer’s achievements – whether you place in your section or just smash your personal best, this is a competition where you can show your love of dance in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. We believe you should celebrate all your achievements but keep raising your own bar higher every time you step out onto the stage (and off the stage) as you are your best competition!

Raise Your Bar High, Celebrate Your Journey

Join us at Perth’s newest dance festival!  Come and showcase your love of dance in a relaxed, supportive environment, in a beautiful theatre with a sprung floor stage.

Ballet Performance Day

Perform in our dedicated ballet performance day. Tarkett flooring is provided on this special day.

Championship Sections

Compete for a spot in the Ultimate Top 5 Finals or showcase your best routine in our Championship section!

Industry Expert Critiques

Receive expert voice critiques from our professional industry adjudicators to help you improve and progress.

Theatrical Sections

Show off your versatility in every genre across both beginner and advanced levels.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Embrace friendly competition and personal growth. Celebrate your achievements!

Raise Your Bar Higher

Keep raising your bar higher – you are your best competition!

Are you ready to Raise the Barre?

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